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Sarracenia leucophylla var alba seedling 13 x self #9


This alba seedling has quite white pitchers with some nice pink vein and shades.
We should wait the mature plant to check if It can be classify as real alba or not.
Sarracenia leucophylla selected by our staff, results from S.leucophylla var. alba x self.
Selected and propagated clonally in our lab ot keep their features

Var. “ALBA” is a particular variation of Sarracenia leucophylla that has thin veins and pitchers almost full white.
This selection shows dark shades between white and green colours and some pink veins on the inner side of the pitcher.
We are waiting this plant to reach the maturity to know if it is a real “alba” or a traditional beutiful Sarracenia leucophylla.

Potted in 6,5cm diameter pot.
Size: Small size plants with 10-15 cm pitchers.

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