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Nepenthes lowii (N. lowii loc. Gungung Trusmadi, Borneo x N. lowii loc. Gungung Murud, Borneo) small and clumpy


Nepenthes lowii is an iconic plant. It evolved to feed tupaias with its lid glandular’s secretion and collect the escrements of thata mammalia.


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Nepenthes lowii is a carnivorous plant on sale at diflora’s webshop: it’s a tropical highland Nepenthes from Sarawak (Borneo).


What is our source for this Nepenthes?

Diflora began the micropropagation of Nepenthes lowii by sterile flask. Micropropagation allows the preservation of the mother plant genome avoiding contamination and genetic variation caused by traditional pollination followed by seeds production.


How we grow it?

Nepenthes lowii grows indoors all year. It is under LED lights at 20°C.


What is Its main strategy to catch prey?

Nepenthes lowii has adapted to this lack of prey by finding other ways to gain nutrients. Shrews and birds sit on the pitcher and eat the protein-rich substance secreted by bristles on the lid. As they eat, the animals defecate in the pitchers, providing the necessary nitrogen for the Nepenthes lowii to grow. Thus, this relationship is beneficial for both species.


location: Sarawak, Borneo


– typology: tropical, highland

– shape: semi-climbing

– colour leaves: bright green

– traps colors: super uncommon pitcher. The strangest of the genre! Long shape, green pitcher and red peristome and red cap.

operculum: red

– peristome: classic

– shipping: in pot 6.5cm ceramic color diameter


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