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Drosera major (plant from tuber)


Drosera major is a carnivorous plant from Australia.

It is a prostate form tuberous sundew.

Drosera Major is very rare!

Like all tuberous it grows in winter (from September to May) and It goes dormant in the hot and dry season, forming the tuber.

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Drosera major is a tuberous sundew on sale at diflora’s webshop: it’s an easy to grow rare prostate form of Drosera.


What is our source for this Drosera?

Diflora began the micropropagation of Drosera major by Sean Spence’s seeds. Micropropagation allows the preservation of the mother plant genome avoiding contamination and genetic variation caused by traditional pollination followed by seeds production

How we grow it?

Drosera major grows indoors during the winter period (from November to March) under LED lights placed 3at 20°C. During the warm period (from April to October) the plant is grown outside in full sun.

What we think about it?

Among the prostate tuberous sundew is one of our favourites plant.

What is Its main strategy to catch prey ?

As all sundews Drosera major catch mainly small  flying insects using sticky modified trichomes placed all over their leaves. These trichomes secrete droplets of water and polysaccharides attracting insects that are searching for sugary substances, like nectar.. As the unawares visitors fatally fly on those sweet and lethal leaves, they stay glued and unable to fly away. It is caused mainly by droplet viscosity. Slowly, the dense liquid of the nearby  trichomes wrap the insect causing a macabre destiny for the unlucky victim: the tracheas, respiratory holes placed on the surface of the exoskeleton of insects, are obstructed causing their death by suffocation.




Shape: prostrate

Leaf color: green

Trap color: bright green with yellow-red tones

Type: perennial tuberous sundew

Shipping: in pot 6.5cm ceramic color diameter.

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