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Drosera caduca


Small and very colorful variant of Drosera paradoxa

Wooly sundew



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Drosera caduca is a carnivorous plant for sale in the diflora shop: a Drosera picciolata endemic to Western Australia.



Where did we source it Drosera caduca?

Diflora began propagating in vitro Drosera caduca from sterile flask. Micropropagation makes it possible to preserve and guarantee the genetics of the mother plant; here, with this technique, genetic variations typical of classical propagation (pollination and subsequent seed production) are avoided.

How we grow it ?

Drosera caduca is grown indoors during the winter period (November to March) under LED lights placed 30 cm apart, at a constant 20 degrees and with a 12h photoperiod to promote vegetative rest. During the warm period (April to October), the plant is grown outside in full sun.

What do we think of Drosera caduca?

A beautiful Drosera petiolata, unique in the genus for its lack of sticky trichomes on mature adult leaves.

What trapping mechanism does it use?

Like all carnivorous plants belonging to the genus Drosera, Drosera caduca captures mainly small flying insects. It does this through a “glue-like” capture system, that is, based on the production of droplets of water and polysaccharides (sugars) at the end of the tentacles. These droplets emulate the function of nectar and attract small insects that seek sugary substances for food. Una volta che gli sfortunati visitatori atterrano sulle foglie di Drosera rimangono appiccicati a causa dell’elevata viscosità delle goccioline. Little by little, the thick liquid from the nearby tentacles envelops the animal, which will be doomed to a rather gruesome death: the tracheae, the breathing holes located in the insects’ abdomen, are obstructed, causing death by suffocation.






Shape: semi-erect

Leaf color: green

Trap color: white

Type: petiolate sundew

Shipping: in pot 6.5cm diameter ceramic color.


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