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Dionaea muscipula “Candy Cane” (Medium & Clumpy)


Dionaea muscipula “Candy Cane” is the new name of Dionaea muscipula Bas #2 (basmati x open pollinated seedling 2).

It is a clump of plants (it has more growth points and derives from the acclimatizations of 2021) so it is currently in the phase of vegetative awakening.

ProstrateDionaea with thick erect traps, green in color and red center of the trap

It has a very strange trap, with wavy edge and barely sketched teeth, squat, if not absent.

Shipping in 6.5 diameter pot, ceramic color


In stock


Dionaea muscipula “Candy Cane”, a new cultivar made in Diflora: unique in its shapes and colours, REALLY RARE and unmissable for enthusiasts of Dionaea!

“Candy Cane is the new name for Dionaea muscipula Bas #2 (basmati x open pollinated seedling 2).

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