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1 of all kind + 3 for free


This offer includes:

Questa offerta comprende:

1 Brocchinia reducta

1 Cephalotus follicularis small size/1 Heliamphora (depending on availability)

1 Darlingtonia californica (jouvenile pitchers)

1 Dionaea muscipula erect type

1 Dionaea muscipula prostrate type

1 Drosera  rosette growth type

1 Drosera petiolaris complex

1 Nepenthes with red pitchers

1 Sarracenia from our best coloured clones

+ 3 Dionaea erect type FOR FREE


*it is not possible to choose clones or species, we will choose every plants for you and we guarantee you the best plants from ours.

Pics are representative of one of the possible combinations you will receive.

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