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Extra EU Order

Diflora is able to send plants all over the world with proper Phytosanitary certificate and CITES document

We provide:

  • Phytosanitary and CITES certificates for all plants available in our website
  • Fastest shipping available for your country.
  • We send bareroot plants washed and cleaned from peat;
  • We are able to interact with costumer quarantine office to solve any problem arise during shipping


We ask:

  • Import permits (when required) and labels (for USA costumer)
  • Cooperative approach for the first shippings (every costum has its rules, we need help from the importer)


How to order?


  1. Minimum plants order suggested: 250 euro
  2. Order of acclimated plants washed from soil:
    • Available plants both for retail or wholesale are reported on the website;
    • Write us an email with your wished plants and quantity at: info@diflora.it . We will answer with an offer including shipping and certificate cost. Order directly on the website for the approved country: USA, Philippines and UK.
  3. Order of NOT acclimated plants, selected, counted and washed from gel, then shipped in humid bags:
    • Available plants list is not reported on website;
    • Ask for the available plants list or book plants production for the following year writing an email at: info@diflora.it.